Vops Automotive Can Determine if Your Car is Roadworthy in Templestowe

Vops Automotive has earned a reputation for the high quality of the services our team of friendly mechanics can offer our customers, and that includes determining if their vehicle is roadworthy in Templestowe. A roadworthy certificate is required after the sale of a new or used car to ensure that it is fit for the road. Our experienced and friendly team of mechanics are here to perform all the required tests and to detail any work that needs completing before it can be certified in Templestowe.

What You Should Know Before You Come for a Roadworthy Certificate in Templestowe

You can enquire by locating your nearest StreetFighter 4WD/SUV Flash Tuning workshop. Alternatively, you can call us on 03 9458 1234 to talk to a member of our team for your tuning needs.

Before you come in for a roadworthy certificate check, you should remember the following:

  • Our team will perform all the required checks and give you a detailed report on all systems that need work before you receive your certificate.
  • We can perform the work for you if you prefer so you can get the certificate right then.
  • Before you purchase a car, bring it in for our pre purchase inspection, which will take all the guesswork out of purchasing a new or used car.

Common Misconceptions People Have About a Roadworthy Certificate in Templestowe

A roadworthy certificate is only required in certain specific situations. The sale or purchase of a new or used car is one of the most common, but they can be needed when a vehicle is reregistered or if there is a clear defect. Given the rarity of a certificate’s need, a lot of misconceptions have grown around just what the certificate entails. To clear that up, we offer the following points:

  • The certificate and roadworthy check only determine if your vehicle is safe enough to be on the road. It is in no way a certificate that your vehicle is in perfect condition. Non-safety related systems such as air conditioning are not checked as a part of the certification.
  • A full mechanical inspection is not included as a part of the roadworthy certificate. The components that are checked are all related to the safety of you and your passengers and other drivers on the road, including the structure, wheels and tyres, seats and seat belts, and other safety systems.
  • A roadworthy certificate is not a guarantee that your car will remain in a roadworthy condition. Many of the essential safety systems wear over time. Your brakes and suspension might be roadworthy today, but after another year on the road, they might need service to remain effective.

About Vops Automotive

Vops Automotive began as a childhood dream, our founder Steve Vaiopoulos had. Since a very young age, he loved to watch and help his neighbours work on their cars. He always loved cars and wanted to own his own shop ever since. Now that he has fulfilled that dream, he extended the passion he has for working on cars to offering stellar service to all our customers. Under our roof, we can handle almost any automotive job, no matter how big or small and this includes a roadworthy certificate in Templestowe. If your car needs service or you have questions about what we can offer, contact us today.


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