Roadworthy Cars Available in Preston

Your car takes you everywhere, those four wheels and metal frame – whatever you name yours, we all have the responsibility to ensure that our vehicles are roadworthy in Preston and beyond.

What do We Include in a Roadworthy Certificate in Preston?

You can enquire by locating your nearest StreetFighter 4WD/SUV Flash Tuning workshop. Alternatively, you can call us on 03 9458 1234 to talk to a member of our team for your tuning needs.

Knowing whether or not your car is roadworthy is a matter of life and death. It helps to know exactly what goes into getting a roadworthy certificate in Preston.

  • First things first. Before submitting your car to be tested, you have to check the establishment itself. Does it qualify to be a licensed vehicle tester?
  • What’s the big deal? Contrary to popular belief, a roadworthy test isn’t only necessary when you’re selling your car. Vops Automotive knows this, and we encourage you to come in and test yours regularly.
  • What’s covered? While you may not be sure about what we must check to get a certificate of roadworthiness, but all certified garages have to check things such as the functioning of your lights, your brakes, tyre tread, and suspension, as well as minor aspects such as windscreens, wipers and seats and seat belts, to mention a few.

Now that you have that under wraps, time to change gears to when it’s time to pass your car onto the next person.

How to Prepare for Your Visit to Vops Automotive

There are three main things to bring with you when selling your car. Remember to also ask for these if you decide to buy a second-hand car.

  • Proof of ownership. You’ll need this to prove that you legally own the car and so that you can hand it to the new owner.
  • Logbook. This booklet helps put the buyer’s mind at ease and helps verify that the car has been well taken care of while you were the owner.
  • Roadworthy certificate. A legal document that certifies that the car is safe to drive and is still lawfully allowed to travel on the national roads.

History of Vops Automotive

Our owner and head mechanic, Steve Vaiopoulos, grew up dreaming of having an automotive workshop of his own. He carried this love with him as he grew and when the time came for him to strike, he opened Vops Automotive. It’s with this same love that all the mechanics at our garage handle your car.

With 25 years’ combined experience in the automotive industry, you’ll be relieved to drop your car off at our reliable service centre, and If you’re in a hurry, we can always give you an express service while you wait. You can discontinue your search for a local mechanic to trust with your car because you’ve found “the one” in Vops Automotive.

Don’t hesitate to contact us or drop by.


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