Being Roadworthy in Heidelberg has never been this easy

For your car to be roadworthy in Heidelberg is much easier than you think. Apart from ensuring that your new vehicle is roadworthy, Vops Automotive does major and minor services, pre-purchase inspection reports, steering repairs, clutch repairs and so much more. We keep you on the road, in paper and practical form with the best customers service in town.

Reasons You Might Need a Roadworthy Certificate in Heidelberg

You can enquire by locating your nearest StreetFighter 4WD/SUV Flash Tuning workshop. Alternatively, you can call us on 03 9458 1234 to talk to a member of our team for your tuning needs.

When driving on a public road, you need to adhere to specific rules and regulations to ensure the safety of all road users; this includes a roadworthy vehicle. People who don’t comply might face severe fines. Having a roadworthy certificate that we issued means that:

  • We have checked your tyres. We make sure that they still have enough tread to go quite a distance, and they don’t have punctures. We change tyres and do wheel balancing and alignment as well as tyre pressure checks when necessary. Our well-trained team also double-checks your vehicle’s suspension.
  • The indicators and wipers are in good working condition. We assess the electric components and wires and undertake diagnostic tests as part of our service to you.
  • Your brakes are working, and we have issued a fluid condition report. Except for a stressful ride, faulty brakes can cause a motor vehicle accident, which is avoidable through a thorough check.

We stamp your service book so that the future owner can see that you’ve looked after your car.

Common Misconceptions About Being Roadworthy in Heidelberg

We’re not saying that nothing will go wrong, but our team properly checks your car during the service, and it is unlikely that something will happen due to lack of maintenance. We are confident about our high-quality service using the latest technology and equipment and issue a written safety report about our findings. The following does not necessarily affect roadworthiness but is essential checks to do.

  • We assess your battery and get the correct reading to ensure that it won’t leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Batteries wear out over time and cells die, which you might not even be aware off, until the day it decides to stop working.
  • Take your car’s warning lights seriously. It might not be a problem that will cause your vehicle to break down immediately, but it needs attention, and it will, at some point, end in a serious problem if ignored.
  • We check your filters and engine oil and water level. As the oil lubricates moving parts and the water cools the engine the car fluids should always be topped up and at the right level for the engine and other parts to function optimally and it is a simple step to take to prevent damage.

If something does go wrong, rest assured that we are here for you and will attend to your needs promptly.

About Vops Automotive

You probably never thought that a company offering automotive services and repair on all makes and models, also buys and sells cars, issues road-worthy certificates, and provides a loan service when servicing your vehicle. Yes, and more. With our 80 years’ collective experience in the motor industry we have seen many incidents, probably saved many lives, and have brought smiles to many faces. Come and meet us today.


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